My Graduation Speech

Hello everyone

Hello everyone! How time feels! We will face with graduation soon. I feel both excited and sad. I'm excited because I will be going to high school and have three years new life. I have many friends and they are also my classmates. In the past three years or five years I have known them one by one. We learned and helped each other. We lived and studied together like a happy family. But now we will be separated. This is why I'm sad. There are many, many things about us that I will never forgot.

My teacher

Before we leave I want to say something to you. First I want to express my thanks to my teachers. I have learned a lot from teachers when I have difficulties in my studies, my teachers helped me carefully. I didnt know the importance of learning before. And when I knew its importance I felt it was too late. But my teacher told me that it is never too late to mend. From then on I worked hard. finally my grades improved a lot. Without the encouragement of my teachers I would have given up and wouldn't have succeed

My friends

And then I want to thank my friends. My best friend is Liu, he is a very good student. he is so clever that I can ask him all kinds of questions. As the saying goes, a friend is like a mirror. He has also helped me to improve my grades. So I decide to go the same high school with him. But my grades were not as well as his. As long as my grades are as well as his then there will be more change to be together. My another good friends,Li. He is a funny boy. We all like them. His funny make many people happy. he also maked a lot of sad people happy. So our classroom is full of laughter. Even though he is little ugly, we all like them.

My dream

Next, I want to talk about my dreams. I like computer a lot. With the development of technology, the Internet is becoming more and more popular. So I want to learn some technology about computer so that I can become a programmer. Will begun is have done. So if you want to realize your dream, you need to study hard and develop your hobbies. No pains, no gains. So hard it is our only choice.


Finally it's time to say goodbye to each other. we all don't need to be sad. After the separation you can find someone better than me. But please don't forgot we all. I will Miss you all.

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